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Paedophile David Carter jailed

A 30-year-old Cheltenham paedophile who paid £900 for children as young as two to perform sex acts for him on a ‘specialist’ pay-per-view website has been jailed for 58 months at Gloucester Crown Court.

Prosecutor James Haskell told the court on March 31st that intelligence gained by the National Crime Agency led the police to raid David Carter’s home in Church Road, Bishop’s Cleeve, on June 12th last year.
The police seized several electronic devices, including a phone and a gaming tower. These were analysed and found to contain 6,454 indecent images and videos of children, said Mr Haskell.
“There were 161 photographs and 111 videos of category A, the most severe, 346 photographs and 84 videos in category B and 5,693 photographs and 59 videos in category C.”

Mr Haskell added: “A further examination of the devices revealed that Carter had paid a subscription so he could watch live action, and direct what he wanted the young children to do.
“Carter had conversations with those producing that material and in particular his conversation on 27 December, 2020 directed what a girl aged between five and seven should be subjected to.
“Two subsequent conversations on June 25, 2021 were about finger penetration. There was also a request from Carter that the girl should defecate on the floor and that the girl’s genitals be licked.”

Mr Haskell said that one of the videos involved a toddler, aged about two years of age. The court heard that Carter spent some £900 in commissioning this type of material. Carter gave a no comment interview to police on his arrest.

Stephen Donnelly, defending Carter, said his client had written a letter to the court. “He fully expects a lengthy custodial sentence today. He apologises wholeheartedly for the behaviour which brings him before the courts today.
“Carter recognises he needs urgent assistance for his unacceptable behaviour. He states that he bases his behaviour on his own experiences as a child and the difficulties he has encountered in growing up since then,” Mr Donnelly said.
“He has a not entirely straight forward history of mental health issues. He is prescribed medication for this. He has been left in isolation and has effectively cocooned himself in his home.
“He is not clear what led him to undertake this course of action. He is a man of previous good character and has previously contributed to society. He has since referred himself to a foundation, a charity dedicated solely to preventing child sexual abuse.
“Whist he is in prison work will be undertaken with him that will continue what he has been doing with the foundation. Carter has completely withdrawn himself from all offending websites.”

Carter pleaded guilty to making 272 indecent photographs/videos of children in category A between July 17, 2021 and January 13, 2022; making 430 indecent photographs/videos of children of category B and making 5,752 indecent photographs/videos of children of category C between the same dates.

Carter also admitted two charges of arranging/facilitating the sexual exploitation of a child aged under 13 years of age by paying for the girl to be sexually assaulted in any part of the world on June 25, 2021 and a single charge on December 27, 2020.

The judge, Recorder Ignatius Hughes KC told Carter: “You’ve been dealing in child pornography on a very large scale. Aside from the thousands of indecent photographs and videos, you took part in pay-per-view live remote sex sessions during which you encouraged real life sexual activity involving children, some as young as two years of age.
“What you did is only one step away from standing in the same room and directing such vile abuse of young children. You will be aware of the damage you’ve inflicted on your victims and your wife, who will have to live with the shame of your actions.
“I’ve considered if you are ‘dangerous’ within the legal framework, and while your quasi-compulsive behaviour is substantial and repulsive, you are not dangerous at the present time and the length of sentence I’ve imposed takes this into account.

The judge jailed Carter for four years and ten months and placed him on the sex offenders’ register for life and subjected him to an indefinite sexual harm prevention order limiting his use of the internet.
Recorder Hughes also ordered the forfeiture and destruction of all of Carter’s digital devices.




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