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Delicious taste of Italy as new pizza restaurant opens on Regent Street

FAT Master’s Pizzeria has opened in Cheltenham adding another gem to the town’s food scene.
The delicious tastes of Italy are led by husband-and-wife team Diana and Madalin Rascol the couple are seasoned pizza-making couple are quickly becoming the talk of the town with hand-made pies with a perfect crust.
Opened on October 31st this year, Fat Master’s, just a short walk from the Everyman Theatre, took over the old pizza restaurant Fat Toni’s and are going from strength to strength.

With choices such as the Pesto e Noci containing mozzarella, walnuts, artichokes, gorgonzola, and pesto on a tomato sauce base or for the meat lovers, the Multo Carne which is a tomato base with mozzarella, chorizo, salami, pepperoni and ham, there really is something for everyone. Order the 20inch sharing pizza, or just enjoy it all to yourself, this new Pizza Restaurant on Regent Street is a must-try.



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