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Delicious cuisine which puts you right in the heart of Japan

Most adventures start with hope; hope that people will come, hope that the food is good, hope that the service is good and hope that you’ve got it right.
Hope in Japanese is KIBOU and KIBOU is the name of a stunningly vibrant restaurant and bar in Cheltenham where everything is right.

KIBOU sits in the heart of Cheltenham on Regent Street, also accessible via The Regent Arcade, and its contemporary style welcomes you with a passion for Japanese cuisine and cocktails that has set the standard since 2013. A visit to Kibou is like being in Japan, the tradition of simple fresh ingredients presented with skill, passion and ceremony will fill your senses from a menu that celebrates the very best from the Land of the Rising Sun.

KIBOU is celebrating 10 years of sharing its passion for Japanese food and drink, with a menu that is vibrant and extensive, it involves you. The Sushi platters are stunning, as are the curried dishes. The poke bowl is where you can build your own delicious and healthy meal your way, starting with rice or noodles, adding sashimi then chicken or tofu, then soy, honey, teriyaki or creamy sesame sauce before a choice of toppings all from £14.

There’s also the best of 10 menu, (running through August) celebrating the most popular dishes created by the chefs from over the last 10 years, chosen by the regular visitors to this unique venue.

The edi stak is not to be missed nor is the crab tempura. There is a Japanese inspired afternoon tea, get the taste of Tokyo with set lunchtime menus that changes daily.
The main menu has a full range of sushi, sashimi, tataki, nigiri, gunkan and temaki, there are large plate options, soups and salads and a delicious pudding menu. We shared a mixed platter of Sushi and sashimi with edi stak and a stunning miso soup all delicious and beautifully presented with a touch of ceremony. The team are on hand to help you choose or give advice, they are passionate about the KIBOU experience and want to share in your adventure with Japanese food.

Kibou is more than a restaurant, it’s a stylish bar that offers all the best in sophisticated elegant cocktails where you can sit at the bar and wonder at the creations developing before your eyes from the skilful bartenders.

Draft beer is on offer along with a well-stocked wine cellar, there is an abundance of teas and coffee available along with a selection of bar treats. Kibou is pet friendly and has many vegan and vegetarian options.

My wife Rachael and I have spent a little time in Japan and KIBOU manages to mix the vibrancy and fun of Tokyo, the serene essence and cosmopolitanism of Kobe, known as the Paris of the East, and the contemporary styles of Nagasaki. It is a relaxing fun place to visit with friends and family that will put you right in the heart of Japan for a few hours, so go ahead and treat yourself to an adventure into Japanese food and drink and let Michelle and the rest of the team guide you through it, you won’t need to hope for the best at KIBOU you will be in the best.
By Mark Hopkins



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