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Chrissie is flying high in her new role at The Little Jet Company

Chrissie Mann is flying high in her new role at The Little Jet Company.
Chrissie, who is 32 and has a law degree, has been appointed Deputy Ground Operations Manager at the company which is based at Gloucestershire Airport.
The Little Jet Company provides a personal and comprehensive executive jet service for business and leisure.

Chrissie said: “i love my job! They are an incredible team, one of the best I have ever worked with. It’s lovely to work with people who care and are passionate about what they do.

“Everyone in the company goes above and beyond, doing what they can to make sure that the clients’ experiences are the best they can possibly be.

“The aircraft are just fantastic and it’s such a friendly place to work. It’s a really supportive environment, everyone gets on well and everything is done properly.

“The Little Jet Company has such a great reputation and is an incredibly well-run company.”

Chrissie discovered her love of aviation when she spent time in operations for a remote scenic and charter flight company in Australia. She gained her private pilot licence before she moved back to the UK.

She now lives in Cheltenham and in her spare time she is studying for an airline transport pilot licence.

Chrissie’s role at The Little Jet Company involves everything from arranging flights to meeting and greeting clients.

“You don’t get into aviation, and you don’t stay in it unless you are genuinely passionate about it, unless it’s something you love,” said Chrissie.

“I like the problem-solving and the challenges that come with the operations side of things.

“I like the fact I can see something through right from the beginning to the end, and I like the variety of things we do. I get to meet such a variety of really interesting people.”

The Little Jet Company provides a wide range of aviation services incorporating luxurious privately-owned executive jets for charter, aircraft management and ground handling services.

The company flies to European destinations and also has access to a global jet fleet. Travel can be arranged from the UK to destinations around the world and private jet travel can also be arranged for clients when they are abroad.

The Little Jet Company has a continuing commitment to Gloucestershire airport. Recent growth has also seen the company open a base in Brighton and Bournemouth.



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