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Cheltenham Post sister paper launches in Stroud

BUCKING the trend and returning to good local news in print, that’s the aim at the Cheltenham Post, and now, the journey continues with the launch of sister publication The Stroud Times Newspaper.

Launched on June 10th with Ash Loveridge in the editor’s chair and photo-journalist Matt Bigwood who started 18 months ago, resources were pooled to launch the new printed newspaper for Stroud.

Cheltenham Post editor and publishing director Nick Clarke said: “I started my career in local news journalism and have watched the mega-rich companies cut jobs year-on-year, making friends, colleagues, and brilliant journalists redundant just to sustain and increase profits for those higher up the chain.
“A newspaper I previously worked at sacked approx. 30 skilled designers several years ago just to send the work over to India where they were clearly able to cut the hourly rate.
“Local news media has been sacrificed for increased profits and that’s why I wanted to buck the trend and launch The Cheltenham Post.”
The Post was launched in November 2020 with Nick Clarke and former Gloucestershire Echo sales and Cotswold Style founder Mark Cuzner coming together to pool their expertise of more than 30 years’ experience in the publishing industry.

The pair met and became friends whilst working at the former Archant House on Oriel Road. Archant are another major news media group and have recently been taken over by Newsquest.
Mr Clarke added: “Archant House used to be a vibrant media hub, publishing Cotswold Life and titles such as Living France Magazine and France magazine. It’s sad to see that’s all now gone.
“When Covid took hold in March 2020, I knew the time was right to launch an independent newspaper for Cheltenham, putting businesses back in front of their own demographic and filling the paper with varied news so there is something of interest for everyone. Sometimes we are hard hitting with our news, but people need to know what’s going on, both good and bad. “Having been friends for many years with Commercial Director Mark Cuzner, I knew he shared my views. Mark is ‘Mr Cheltenham’, his enthusiasm, professionalism, and experience in advertising is second-to-none. His honesty and integrity puts business owners at ease and they know we will do all we can to help grow their businesses by using the Cheltenham Post as their media and marketing voice.
“After meeting both Ash and Matt in Stroud, Mark and I knew there was an opportunity to put local news in the hands of the people in another town and grow the opportunities for All4One Media Group, the publishers of the Cheltenham Post and Stroud Times Newspapers.”

All4One Media Group Ltd have eyes on other towns to spread the news word further, so watch this space. In the meantime, if you are a business who would like to grow and use The Cheltenham Post and Stroud Times Newspapers as your marketing outlet, email



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