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Celebrating the volunteers at Cheltenham General Hospital

HOSPITALS in England and Wales have been under pressure in recent years due to funding shortages, doctors’ and nurses’ strikes and increasing demand on services.

Supporting services at the hospitals are the unsung heroes, who we all walk past without realising the time they give for free – the volunteers. The dedicated volunteers at Cheltenham General Hospital are always on hand to provide essential support to patients, staff, and visitors within the GMS shops.

The volunteers have been supporting their local hospital for years, from taking trolleys around wards, working in the GMS shops or cafés, or spending time with patients who don’t get much company. The hospital shops are staffed by people who love giving back to their local community and have some time to support our amazing NHS and GMS staff. The volunteers role however goes beyond offering snacks, drinks, newspapers, and toiletries, it gives their customers a point of contact and friendly face when visiting the hospital.

Amy, 32 has a mild learning disability and has been volunteering for the shops at Cheltenham General Hospital for fifteen years and enjoys the experience by coming in once a week to help out. A spokesperson at the hospital commented: “Amy is a valued member of the amazing volunteering team at CGH.”

Another volunteer at Cheltenham General Hospital is 86-year-old Gordon Dunn who brings the metro daily newspapers every morning into the shops which allows patients, visitors, and staff to read while in hospital.
He also delivers these newspapers to some care homes, nearby residents and people living in sheltered accommodation. He does this all on his bicycle every day and has done for the last few years.

Cheltenham General Hospital are always looking for more help. Volunteering with GMS/NHS is an excellent opportunity to help your own community. It is a rewarding way to dedicate your time to a cause you care about. If you are interested in volunteering for our retail services at Cheltenham General Hospital, please contact GMS shop and café manager Sue Henry on 0300 422 3833 to see what we can do for you.



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