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Amalie launches Leckhampton safe crossing petition

Amalie, an enterprising Year 5 pupil at Leckhampton Primary School, has launched a petition asking Gloucestershire County Council to install a much-needed safe crossing on Church Road.

Amalie has designed a poster to capture attention and it is certainly working, as there are around 360 signatures online to date, but we’d like more!
As 10-year-old Amalie said: “I would like to walk to school independently, but crossing Church Road is very dangerous for someone my age. Most drivers do not stop until the adults or children cross the road. Since the school has expanded, over 1000 parents, guardians and children are going to the school twice a day. All of these people need a safe crossing, including those in the community, please support my safety and my independence.”

The local community are right behind Amalie. Pippa Mason, a parent and resident on Church Road said: “Our children are on the cusp of independence and have asked if they can walk to school on their own. In most other circumstances this would not seem to be an unreasonable request, however, to get to school our children must cross Church Road during rush hour. Anyone who has witnessed Church Road at this time will understand the fear this instils in parents. There are commuters, tradespeople’s vans, school run parents all funnelling down the road. Cars are parked illegally on double yellow lines, visibility is reduced, and small children cannot be seen easily, nor can they see along the road when trying to cross. Where the road narrows, cars often mount the pavement and are then head-on with pedestrians walking along the pavement. Daily, we witness horrific driving and near misses, one day a child or parent is going to be harmed crossing this road.”

The number of pedestrians along Church Road has increased with the opening of the new secondary school.
As a community we should be encouraging children to walk for the benefit of their physical and mental health, for their independence and happiness. In addition, encouraging active transport, benefits our environment by reducing emissions from cars. However, if parents don’t feel confident that their children’s route is safe, they will drive their children to school exacerbating the problem by adding to congestion, creating pollution, and reducing the health benefits from walking.

The council has a responsibility to look after its most vulnerable citizens and protect them from accident and injury, to encourage healthy behaviours and to create a pollution-free environment. For all these reasons we strongly feel that a safe crossing on Church Road is essential. Maybe we would then say “yes, you can walk alone to school.”

To support Amalie – either use the QR code or:
The process to sign the petition is rather cumbersome with 3 stages: register, activate, then logon to sign. The impact on children’s safety is much greater than the few minutes it takes to register then sign the petition so please do persevere!
The petition closes on 31st January, so don’t delay… sign today!
If you can’t sign online, then please contact Emma Nelson who is running a traditional paper copy in parallel.



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