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Cheltenham Wrestling


Raise your business profile with the Cheltenham Post.


Raise your business profile with the Cheltenham Post

Our newspaper for Cheltenham has a distribution of 15,000 copies across Cheltenham, with pick up points in all the major Super Markets, pubs, cafes and local businesses. Also with a door to door on Rota to the surrounding areas. We also now have our Website which we will be moving more towards and growing. We really are a cost effective and efficient means of advertising your business or services. Simply contact us today to discuss your needs and help us gather your requirement’s.

Print Advertising

Choose your advertisement size and choose how long for. 4 issue booking's receive a 30% discount. If you do not have any adverts ready for print simply contact us and we can help you achieve this.

Website Advertising

Online advertising is a great tool and can attract visitors directedly to your website. Also the links to your website will help you rate higher within Google. We can help you design any artwork for your website and digital marketing.

Need our Help?

Contact us to arrange for our design team to create your advert (web or print). We can also consult with the best solutions to meet your requirments.

Cheltenham Wrestling

Advertising Solutions for Print and Digital

For the Website advertising we would require images in the correct format and size. If you would like us to create your advert as part of your advertising plan then simply contact us.

  • Reach thousands of readers every week.
  • Advertising plans for Digital and Print.
  • Cost effective and efficient means of marketing.

We also offer very cost effective printing and graphic design. Contact us for details.

Call NOW on 07983 179225 or email


Talk to us about your advertising with The Cheltenham Post

Cheltenham Post Advertising Graphic
Contact us to discuss your advertising plan.

You can now also advertise on this website.

You can advertise in prime locations such as the website header or as side adverts.  We can link to you website, campaign or event on Facebook etc. Linking to your event will also help your website rank better with Google.

  • Top Banner rolling £100 per month
  • Top Banner static £750
  • Box Side bar banner £50 (rolling)
  • Box side bar fixed £350

We require these formats.


Banner –

Side Banner – 300 px x 250px

Side Banner - 300 px x 250px
Banner main add ex - 720 px x 90px

We can help

If you need our creative Graphic Design team can help you design your perfect banner /advert.