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40 year celebration for Gloucester Carpet Outlet

In the heart of Gloucester, a milestone celebration is underway as Gloucester Carpet Outlet, business owners and long-time school friends turned brothers-in-law, Dan and Ben, turn 40.
Their business journey began 11 years ago when the dynamic duo decided to venture into the world of carpeting, and today, their thriving business stands tall as a testament to their enduring friendship and unwavering dedication.

From humble beginnings to a spacious showroom on Bristol Road, the last decade has seen Gloucester Carpet Outlet flourish into a go-to destination for quality carpets and exceptional service. The showroom, now bustling with a team of over 20 dedicated staff, is more than just a business: it’s a family affair. Most of the employees are relatives, fostering a sense of loyalty and camaraderie that extends beyond the showroom floor.

Community engagement has been a cornerstone of Gloucester Carpet Outlet’s success story. Over the years, the business has actively participated in various community events and supported local charities. This commitment to giving back has not only enriched the character of the business but has also strengthened its ties with the Gloucester community.

As they blow out the candles on their 40th birthday cake, Dan and Ben reflect on the incredible journey that brought them here. “Happy Birthday, Dan and Ben!” echoes not only in the showroom but throughout Gloucester as the community joins in celebrating the milestone of a local business that has become an integral part of their lives.

Gloucester Carpet Outlet’s success is a story of friendship, hard work, and a commitment to both quality products and community values. As they embark on the next chapter, the duo remains dedicated to providing exceptional service and maintaining the strong ties that have been the foundation of their business.

40 year celebration for Gloucester Carpet Outlet


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